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17. February 2008   print   send til ven

Tale om MEP Tomczaks immunitet

Denne tale er desværre kun på engelsk.

Mr. President,
May I urge all members to vote against the lifting of immunity in the Tomzcak case?

We had a very good debate in the plenary.

Every one agreed that we could not allow Poland to set double standards, one for MPs at home and a much stricter for MEPs here.

The responsible commissioner Franco Frattini promised to send a letter to the Polish minister of Justice where he would insist on identical rules for waiving of immunity.

I talked with Frattini after the meeting and met with him again two weeks ago where he said he had instructed his services to send the letter.

Last week, I was in contact with his office. They confirmed the letter was sent and I would have a copy of the letter in my mail the same day.

Then somebody suddenly called from Frattini’s office giving me a different answer now saying the letter was still pending.

And here we are, with no letter present and no answer from the Polish government.

Our rules are very clear. I have been explained we have to have the vote. I therefore ask you to vote against the waiving of immunity to have the case reported back to the committee for a possible new decision when we have the letter from Frattini and the Polish answer.

Thank You.