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Bondes sidste tale

Dette er Jens-Peter Bondes sidste tale som medlem af Europa-Parlamentet.
Den blev holdt (på engelsk) under Parlamentets minisamling i Bruxelles, 8. maj 2008

Mr. President,

Today is my last vote in the European Parliament. Tomorrow, Hanne Dahl will represent the Danish JuneMovement.

May I thank all of you for good battles on constitutions and referendums and good cooperation in our joint fight for transparency.

We have managed to open the secret telephone book in the Commission. We had their agendas and minutes and secret working groups on the Internet. And we will soon see who advises the Commission and where taxpayers’ money is spent.

Such victories were only possible because we cooperated across political lines. In the Convention I had the signatures of 23 governments, every single MP and every MEP except one, for a very simple proposal to turn the procedure on transparency.

Everything has to be open and transparent unless we decide on a derogation.

Also, I thank you for the support on several amendments - on f-gasses and the climate, pesticides in drinking water, trans-fat, nitrate in ecological sausages.

National parliaments have lost their say on such topics. The voters’ only chance is to be served here.

My second wish is that laws will no longer be established by civil servants and lobbyists behind closed doors. Please, safeguard that all European laws have to pass through this parliament by a public vote.

Thank You, colleagues, for 29 years in our joint assembly.
Og tak til de danske vælgere, som gjorde det muligt.

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